Historical Heritage

Get a taste of the past with a heritage tour of Valparíso’s Cerros alegre and Concepción.

Thanks to the enormous artistic, historical, architectural, archaeological and anthropological wealth of the Port City, it is that in 2003 the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) declared the Valley of Paradise ( Valparaíso) World Heritage Site.

What places can we visit?

  1. Prat Pier
  2. Monument to the Heroes of Iquique
  3. Former Intendancy of Valparaíso
  4. El Peral Funicular
  5. Yugoslavo Walk Viewpoint
  6. Baburizza Palace
  7. Gervasoni walk
  8. Atkinson Walk
  9. Lutheran Church
  10. Queen Victoria Funicular

What does the tour include?

  1. An assigned tour guide.
  2. Tickets for the El Peral and Reina Victoria funiculars
  3. Tickets to enter the Baburizza Palace
  4. Some snacks, water and a souvenir.
  5. Photographs of the Tour to your email.

The general price per person is from 20 USD

  • Children and seniors 20% discount.